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Humood AlKhudher - Kun Anta


This game is suitable for everyone who love Humood Al Khudher - Kun AntaThis game is a quiz that has multiple choices, so don't worry be happy ^_^.How to play this game: Humood Al Khudher - Kun Anta1) Menu :.. Play = Start the game.. Reset = Replay the game.. More = Get more games2) Inside the box is the question about incomplete lyrics3) Under the box is the answer. It can be a / b / c4) Choose the right answer and don't get wrong three times because can make you game over.5) After play the game, we will happy if you rate this game. Thanks..D I S C L A I M E R :This game is not input the audio of this song and wish the user to buy the legal song. All rights reserved.